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Missed Call Alert 1.1 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: iPhone4, iPhone, iPhone-3GS, iPhone-3G
CATEGORY: Utilities
Price: 0.99$

There is Lite(free) version of this app which monitors for missed calls for 30 minutes.
You can download this from
You can try that before buying this app.

ThisĀ app is useful if you are in a noisy location or just don't hear your phone ring at any given time.

- If you ignore a call , you will be alerted at regular intervals.
- Runs in background.
- Plays alert sound even when your phone is in vibrate mode. This is useful if you forget to switch your phone back from vibrate mode.
- You can change volume of alert sound.
- You can configure number of times you want alert sound to be played. Currently supported values are 1 , 3 , 5 , 15 and Inf (alerts until you clear). Default value is 5 times.
- You can configure repeat interval. Supported values are 1 min , 2 min , 5 min , 15 min and 30 min. Default value is 1 min.
- Displays number of missed calls ticket on application.

- Start the app
- Turn repeat alert option ON. This will enable app to run in background.
- Move the app to background using home button.

( If your phone is powered off completely, you will need to enable this option after switching your phone on. )
- When alert is displayed on screen , to clear alerts , press "Clear alerts" button. Otherwise open app once , it will clear all pending alerts.

NOTE: Since app is continuously monitoring missed calls in background , battery usage will be more than normal.

- To stop app from running , turn repeat alert option OFF

Your device should be capable of running background tasks.

Tap support button from app.
CONTENT RATING: Low Maturity SIZE: 540588 Bytes RATING:
4.7( 6739.3)

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Languages: EN
Apple AppStore ID: 405718567

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